Skip The Fancy Restaurant: Fun Places To Eat In NYC On Your Second Date

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You don't have to go all out and spend a ton of money when you are going on a second date. While New York City has some of the world's most expensive restaurants, it also has some very affordable places. And the great thing about these restaurants is that not only are they affordable, they can also be really fun. So you're not sacrificing anything by skipping a really expensive restaurant. Here are a few ideas you can try out:

Authentic Indian

Manhattan has some really great and authentic Indian restaurants. You can head on down to 6th street where you will see numerous ones lined up. The whole atmosphere is really fun. There are some that have over the top decorations (like Christmas lights strung up all year round). Others have live music being played, which is always a fun experience. You can sit and enjoy an inexpensive meal while listing to sitar music.


This is the style of Japanese cooking where they cook the food on a giant table-side grill. There are chain restaurants as well as smaller independent places you can find in the city. It is a fun style of dining experience where you will be in a big group setting and get to see the chef cook things in front of you. You get to sit at a large table and enjoy the experience of watching the chef dice and chop the ingredients; the chefs will do fun things such as toss items into the air, create designs using the food, and do fancy knife work. These places also tend to have cool bars with huge sake selections where you can enjoy inexpensive yet exotic drinks.

Custom Pizza Places

These are fantastic because they are not only really fun, they are creative. You get to enjoy pizza, which is everyone's favorite, while also getting something a bit more unusual. It's one of the best places for a casual date because there is no pressure of a fancy restaurant, but you also won't feel like you're in just a regular pizza place. You can find one of the city's cool custom pizza places that are all over the city. They will have really amazing ingredients as well, and often times the pizza is much smaller so you get to enjoy a pie for the two of you and it's not overwhelming. If you're interested in a customized pizza restaurant, you can also look up restaurants like Scittino's Italian Market Place.