3 Sweet Additions To Your Ramen

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When you think about a bowl of ramen, a few distinct flavors might come to mind. You might enjoy the idea of slightly salty notes from the broth and meat, while umami flavors are also present in this Asian fare. You might not think of sweet flavors when you think of ramen, but it's definitely possible to order a bowl that has one or more ingredients that are on the sweeter side. Sweet flavor notes can complement the salty flavors in this dish and provide well-rounded flavors that you'll enjoy. Here are three sweet additions to consider when you order ramen.


Corn is a common ingredient to consider when you visit a ramen restaurant. When you browse the menu, you'll likely see a few different ramen bowls that feature corn. If you're leaning toward ordering a bowl that doesn't contain corn, you'll often have the ability to add this ingredient as a custom option. Many people enjoy having corn in their ramen because of the sweet taste of this starchy vegetable. Even just a small amount of kernels in the bowl can give you some enjoyable sweet flavor notes throughout your meal.

Pickled Plums

Another way that you can enjoy a sweet flavor to your ramen order is to choose a bowl that has pickled plums. This is another ingredient that you'll find on the menu. Like with corn, it might be available in certain bowls, but it's always available as an ingredient that you can add to any bowl. If you haven't had pickled plums in the past, they have a unique flavor that includes not only sweet flavor notes, but also a hint of sourness. They also offer a unique purple color to your ramen bowl, which can augment its appearance.


If you enjoy the taste and flavor of squash, choosing a ramen bowl that features this ingredient might appeal to you. Not only will the inclusion of squash add a sweet flavor to your meal, but it will also help to make you feel fuller, given that squash tends to be filling. Different ramen restaurants use different types of squash, but you'll often see butternut squash as an option. It often appears in small cubes, which are cooked thoroughly so that they're extremely soft and easy to eat. Keep these sweet ingredients in mind during your next visit to a restaurant that specializes in ramen.