Visiting A Burger Restaurant? You Might Want To Know These Terms

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It sometimes seems like every type of restaurant has its own vocabulary. This is even true of burger restaurants. Although the burger is a tried and true American classic, burger restaurants have not hesitated to innovate, introduce new varieties, and make their burgers unique. As such, some unique, burger-related terminology has emerged. If you're about to visit a burger restaurant, it may be helpful to understand these terms.


If a burger description says it is made from "80/20," that means that the burger is made from ground beef that is 80% lean and 20% fat. This is widely accepted to be the best proportion of lean meat to fat for burger making. 


If a burger description says it comes with "cheddar brulee" or "provolone brulee," this means that the cheese is melted over the burger, sometimes with a torch or under a broiler. 

Butter Burger

This is a type of burger that originated in Wisconsin. It is topped with butter, which makes it extra rich and delicious — although certainly not great for your heart!

East Coast

An east coast burger is a really fat, thick burger patty. It is usually grilled, not cooked on a flat top. This style of burger is popular on the east coast of the U.S., but some burger restaurants in the Western states feature it as a special menu item.

Juicy Lucy

This is a type of burger that is stuffed with cheese. In other words, it is a patty with cheese in the middle, instead of on top. Juicy Lucy burgers are said to be delicious, but they are also messy.

Rabbit Food

If a menu says that a burger comes with "rabbit food," that means it comes with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. These are the standard veggie toppings for burgers. Sometimes they are also listed as "LTO."


This is a small burger. If you order sliders off a menu, you'll usually get 2 or 3 of them.

Smash Burger

This is a very thin type of burger patty that is made by smashing a ball of meat on a flat-top griddle. The edges are nice and crispy.

West Coast 

A west coast burger is a thin, griddle-cooked patty. It's quite similar to a smash burger.

Now that you know more burger vocabulary, you are primed and ready to enjoy a meal at a burger restaurant. You'll almost certainly see some of these terms on the menu. To explore more options, contact a burger restaurant in your area such as Brewsky's Broiler.