Reasons To Get Mushrooms On Your Pizza

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When you think about pizza toppings, you might initially think of pepperoni, bacon, onions, and green peppers. While these toppings can help to make a pizza tasty, you shouldn't overlook some other toppings—including those that are commonly available at virtually every pizzeria you visit. One example is mushrooms, which might not always seem exciting, but can be a valuable addition to most of the pizzas you can order. You can either order a pizza that comes with mushrooms or add this ingredient as an extra topping to a specific pie. Here are some reasons to get mushrooms on your next pizza. 

Exposure To Many Varieties

While standard pizza restaurants commonly just use white mushrooms on their pizzas, a visit to a gourmet pizzeria will give you the option to try several different mushroom varieties. The list of options will vary between restaurants, but you can expect to see such mushrooms as portobello, shiitake, and more. Each of these mushrooms offers a slightly different taste and texture, which can help your pie to have a unique flavor that you enjoy. Changing mushrooms with each order will expose you to new varieties that you might not otherwise have thought to try.

Worthwhile Meat Substitute

Some pizza enthusiasts who either follow plant-free diets or occasionally just don't wish to consume meat in certain meals will often use mushrooms as a worthwhile meat substitute on their pies. Large chunks of mushroom can have a chewy and somewhat meaty consistency, which can help to increase your enjoyment of the pizza. For example, a lot of vegetarian pizzas at gourmet pizzerias feature portobello mushroom chunks or slices; this mushroom is a popular meat alternative on all sorts of things, including burgers.

Source Of Nutrition

If you're the type of person who wants to ensure that the pizza you order is as healthy as possible, choosing a pie that features mushrooms can be a good idea. While the exact nutritional value of mushrooms largely depends on the variety, this is an ingredient that typically offers a lot of good nutrition. Mushrooms tend to be high in several useful vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B, potassium, and copper. Many mushrooms also offer a good source of fiber, which is critical for good digestion function, among other things. Browse the menu during your next pizza restaurant visit to see what mushrooms are available, and then order a pie that features this ingredient.

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