Going Out For Pizza With Kids: Tips And Tricks For Parents

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Going out to dinner with one or two other adults is relaxing. Going out with kids... that can be another story! Yet, in all of the mayhem, it is possible for everyone to have a good experience. Follow these tips and tricks for going out for pizza with your kids.

1. Choose a kid-friendly restaurant.

You might assume all pizza restaurants are kid-friendly, but there are some more upscale Italian establishments that may be a little quiet and high-end for children. Look for a laid back, family-friendly restaurant that caters to children with a kids' menu and maybe even some entertainment for them, like coloring pages or kid-friendly TV programs.

2. Don't give them too many ordering choices.

If you let your kids choose from the long list of pizza toppings and other menu items, you'll be sitting there forever as they decide on their order. Instead, give them just a few choices. For instance, you could say "do you want pepperoni or extra cheese on your pizza?" and "do you want chicken fingers or French fries?" Giving them the choice between two items includes them in the decision making and teaches them the restaurant ordering process without making things too complex.

3. Go a little early.

If possible, try to go to the pizza restaurant earlier, at around 5:00 or 5:30 pm. Restaurants are usually less busy at this time than they are later on, so there won't be as many people crowded at tables around you. Kids often stay quieter if the environment around them is quieter.

4. Cut up their pizza.

Watching kids try to pick up a whole slice of pizza can be funny, and they should eventually learn to eat it this way, but leave the learning for at-home. While in the restaurant, cut up your kids' pizza so that they can eat it without making such a mess.

5. Sit at a booth.

If the restaurant has booths, this is a better seating choice than a table! The kids will be trapped between the table and the wall, and they can move around on the booth bench a little more than when on a chair. They won't feel the urge to get up and run around when they can scoot around the bench a little.

With the tips above, you and your kids should have a better experience when going out for pizza. Enjoy your meal at a family-friendly pizza restaurant such as Tony & Joe's Pizzeria with your family today.