Pancake Topping Ideas Besides Syrup

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A fresh pancake is a classic option at a dine-in breakfast restaurant, but you don't always need to drizzle syrup onto a flapjack. The next time you order pancakes at a breakfast restaurant, consider adding an alternate topping to experience the pancake in a whole new way.

Check out some of the topping options below.

Powered Sugar

Syrup is often thick and heavy, but you can add some sweetness to a pancake in a lighter form with powdered sugar. Ask for a coating of powdered sugar on each pancake. When the pancakes are still warm, the powdered sugar will melt right into the food and increase the sweetness.

You can also add some extra butter on the pancakes, and the powdered sugar will soak right into the butter.


When dining in at a breakfast restaurant, tables often include complimentary jelly packets. You can add some fun flavors to your pancake by spreading jelly across the top. You may choose to place jelly between two pancakes to create a sandwich-like creation or spread jelly across the top like butter.

If you have a stack of pancakes, then try a different flavor for each packet you use. If the tables do not include the jelly packets, then you can request jelly from the waitstaff and find out which flavors the restaurant offers.

Fresh Fruit

For a healthier option, consider adding fresh fruit to the top of pancakes. Fruit like strawberries, blueberries, and peaches mix well with pancakes and add a lot of sweet flavors. The natural juices from the fruits will soak into the pancakes and give each one a little extra moisture.

If needed, you can add a dollop of whipped cream to go with the fruit and pancakes.


If you like your pancakes really moist, then request a side of yogurt with your meal. You can smear the yogurt all over the pancakes or dip each pancake bite right into the yogurt. The combination includes a wide range of flavors, and restaurants may have multiple yogurt options to choose from.

The yogurt will digest in your stomach better than a sugar-based syrup. You could also order fresh fruit and yogurt to really top off the pancakes and pile your plate high with extra toppings. Some breakfast menus may include the option as a part of their pancake specials.

Try the flavor options and see what your favorite way to enjoy pancakes is.

Learn about more options at a dine-in breakfast restaurant near you.