Hiring a Catering Service for Your Neighborhood Block Party Event

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One type of fun event that many people enjoy is a neighborhood block party, which serves as an opportunity for residents of a specific area to get together, form bonds, and enjoy some food and drinks. While a common approach to organizing the food for this type of event is to have a potluck meal, this isn't the only option to consider. If you're organizing a neighborhood block party, give some thought to hiring a local catering service to provide the fare. You can have every household contribute a nominal fee that will cover your cost. Here are some reasons to hire an event catering service for this type of event.

It Requires Less of Your Time

Organizing a potluck event for an entire neighborhood can be extremely time consuming. In this scenario, you'd need to talk to each participant and discuss what they're bringing to the event. Doing so would be important so that multiple people don't decide to bring the same dish. This process can require countless phone calls, emails, and text messages, as well as perhaps even setting up a group page on a social media site — all of which will take up more of your time than you'd like. Hiring a catering professional would save you a lot of time. You'd simply work with the caterer to choose a menu that you expect the participants will enjoy.

It Results in a Higher Quality of Food

Not everyone who participates in a potluck event is a competent cook, which means that some of the food at these events can be unappetizing. This can result in some people not thoroughly enjoying the food that they eat, as well as some dishes being largely untouched and thus going to waste. When you involve a local caterer, you can expect that the food at your neighborhood block party will have a high level of quality — which is something that the gathered group will appreciate.

It Allows You to Choose a Theme

It can be fun for a neighborhood block party's food to have a theme. This can be challenging with a potluck event, however, because some of the participants may not have experience preparing food that fits within a certain theme. For example, if you choose Mexican fare, this may be appealing to some people but difficult for others. Using a catering service that has experience cooking a wide variety of styles of food means that you can choose a theme that you think will be widely appealing — barbecue, for example. Speak to a local caterer to discuss your upcoming event.