Five Menu Items For Picky People At Japanese Restaurants

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Japanese food is fast becoming a popular choice among mainstream diners. However, if you are not a fan of sushi, you may struggle to know what to order when eating in a Japanese restaurant. Don't worry, there is something for to please even picky eaters. You may enjoy these five items at your favorite Japanese restaurant:

1. Tempura

You can't go wrong with a good tempura, which highlights fried proteins and veggies in a special batter. The food is cut uniformly and lengthwise, dipped in ice-cold batter, and fried at a very high heat, which produced a light, airy tempura. Chicken, vegetables, and fish are all good options when ordering tempura; dip hot tempura in salt and enjoy.

2. Teriyaki

Another dish to order in Japanese restaurants if you are food-fussy is teriyaki chicken or beef. Who doesn't love this sweet and savory food? Many Japanese eateries serve their teriyaki beef with broccoli on a bed of seasoned rice, while chicken teriyaki may be served on skewers alongside a dipping sauce as a satisfying meal.

3. Noodles

For those that love any kind of noodle dishes, try ordering yakisoba noodles, usually served in a sauce similar to soy sauce. These are typically made to order, such as from street vendors, and you can choose as many or as few add-ins as you wish. For adventurous eaters, Yakisoba noodles can be topped with pickled ginger or seaweed while other diners may prefer chicken or veggies.

4. Yakitori

If you crave something simple but satisfying, Yakitori could be the perfect menu item. Yakitori is a type of skewer featuring chicken that is grilled over charcoal, giving it a distinctive, smoky taste. The meat is typically seasoned with a special sauce or simply with salt. These are often served as appetizers or on a bed of rice as an entrée.

5. Melon Pan

Finish off your meal with something sweet, like a melon pan. Melon pan is basically a cross between a roll and cake. It is crusty and dry, typically topped with a sweet crumble. It does not contain melon, but rather has an appearance similar to the flesh of this regional fruit.  

Try something new and visit a Japanese restaurant in your area. If you are a picky eater or reticent to try new things, consider these five foods and menu items that are both simple and delicious — sure to please the pickiest eaters!