4 Advantages Of Having A Well Trained Restaurant Staff

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Many people think that serving in a restaurant is basically unskilled labor that almost anyone can do — after all, it only involves putting down plates and picking them up again after the diners have finished their meals, right? Well, not exactly. Servers have a significant impact on the customer experience in any restaurant, and untrained staff can have a substantial negative effect on any meal. The following are just four of the many advantages that a well-trained restaurant staff brings to the table.

Meal Timing

Most people want to be served as quickly as possible when dining out for breakfast or lunch, but it's likely that they feel differently about evening meals, especially when they involve more than one course. For instance, receiving an entree while they are still concentrating on the soup, salad, or appetizer course throws the entire dinner off-balance. By the same token, having to wait too long between courses is also unpleasant.  A well-trained server will know how long it takes the kitchen to prepare all menu items and will time your meal accordingly. 

Food and Wine Knowlege

Well-trained staff enhances the dining experience by bringing their culinary and wine knowledge into the picture. For instance, if a customer is unsure of what kind of wine pairs best with certain types of entrees, the server should ideally be able to offer several viable selections. They should also be able to make menu suggestions if customers are unsure about what to order and/or are unfamiliar with some of the offerings. 

Troubleshooting Skills 

Trained servers also know how to turn a potentially bad situation around, preventing customers from having bad experiences. For instance, they'll know if an item isn't prepared properly or otherwise not up to the establishment's usual standards. They also know how to handle customer complaints with tact and professionalism so that the situation doesn't escalate into an angry encounter. 

Increased Job Satisfaction Levels

Employees who are equipped with the tools and resources they need in order to do their job well may have higher levels of job satisfaction, making them more likely to stick around than their untrained counterparts. Finding the time to train employees is challenging for restaurant owners and managers, but fortunately, modern technology has made that far easier than it used to be. Online training resources are available that are designed to provide your employees with the training they need in order to succeed. 

For more information, reach out to a service that provides online restaurant training resources.