Reasons To Order Only Drumettes At A Chicken Wing Restaurant

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When you place an order for chicken wings at a restaurant that specializes in this fare, it's common to receive a combination of drumettes and flats. However, you may occasionally encounter a restaurant that gives you the option of choosing either part of the wing. Getting a mix can be fun because of the variety of each bite, but there's a good argument to make for asking your basket to be filled exclusively with drumettes — the one-bone part of the chicken wing. Here are some reasons to focus on drumettes.

There's More Meat

There's a good chance that you're ordering a basket of chicken wings because you're hungry — and that means that you want to be satisfied by the time you stand up from the table. Drumettes are a good choice because they frequently contain more meat than their two-bone counterparts. A dozen drumettes will yield more meat than a dozen flats, which will help you to feel fuller by the end of the meal. This is especially true if the restaurant advertises that it sells jumbo wings. Jumbo drumettes, especially, are significantly larger than jumbo flats.

They're Easier To Eat

Lots of people find that drumettes are easier to eat than flats. Flats have a tendency to be challenging because you have to navigate two bones, rather than just one. Not only do you need to eat the meat that is on the outside of each bone, but you also need to get the meat out from between the bones. Doing so can sometimes be difficult, and you may feel a little embarrassed about your struggles in this regard. Conversely, you shouldn't have any trouble pulling the meat off a drumette. An experienced wing eater can often do this in just one or two bites, leaving the bone clean.

They're Easier To Dip

No order of chicken wings is complete without a side of dip. You may find that drumettes are easier to dip successfully than flats. For example, when you dip a flat, the dip will often run down the wing quickly and coat your fingers. While it's true that your fingers are a bit messy from the wing sauce anyway, you don't want to create more of a mess. Drumettes, on the other hand, have a shape that can protect your fingers. If you dip the thick end of the drumette into the tip and invert it, it takes longer for the dip to move across the larger surface of the drumette and reach your fingers.