3 Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of A Commercial Kitchen

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The appliances in a commercial kitchen can not only lead to high energy costs, but they can generate a considerable amount of heat. The result in an environment that is challenging for employees to work in at various times. To help you save money and avoid an unpleasant work environment, here are a few ways you can make your commercial kitchen more energy efficient.  

Upgrade Your Appliances 

Even if you purchased top of the line appliances when you opened your kitchen, there is a possibility that there are newer ones available that are more efficient. The energy efficiency of appliances is generally improved as newer models are introduced. Due to the expense, you do not have to upgrade your appliances at once.  

For instance, you can opt to purchase your commercial cooler first since it is in constant use. To potentially save more, consider purchasing online commercial coolers. Shopping for the cooler online gives you more options to help you find a cooler that fits in with your kitchen.  

Turn Off Appliances 

Your employees likely know to turn off the major appliances at the end of the day, but it could be the smaller ones that are helping to increase your energy costs. Equipment, such as the convection ovens, are usually left in the "idle" position throughout the day.  

For some appliances, there is a possibility of adding a timer to them to help turn off the appliances at a scheduled time. This will help to prevent appliances being overlooked at closing time. It also prevents appliances from remaining idle too long.  

Inspect Your Cooler  

The cooler needs to be inspected on a regular basis to ensure that it is operating as efficiently as possible. There are components of the cooler that could result in a higher energy bill if they are not properly inspected, repaired, and replaced, as needed.   

For instance, if the seals on the cooler have weakened, humidity from the room can enter the cooler and prevent it from cooling as efficiently as it has been. As a result, the cooler will work harder to keep the contents refrigerated. The harder the cooler has to work, the faster the rate of wear and tear will be.  

There are several opportunities to make your commercial kitchen more energy efficient. Consult with energy efficiency experts and make smart decisions with the appliance upgrades to keep your costs as low as possible.