The Ultimate Restaurant Thanksgiving Meal For One

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Whether you're traveling, living away from family, or happily single, going through big holidays like Thanksgiving can be challenging. Instead of eating at home alone, you can find the best bar and grill that's open to enjoy a nice dinner at. Instead of ordering a basic meal, take it up a notch by ordering the ultimate Thanksgiving meal for one. The following food ideas are found on a majority of bar and grill menus and can help give you a filling and delicious Thanksgiving meal.

French Fries & Gravy

Instead of traditional mashed potatoes, you can enjoy a pub-styled Thanksgiving side dish. Known as Poutine in countries like Canada, french fries with gravy is a great treat. You can request to have gravy drizzled right over the fries or have in a small bowl on the side for dipping. The crispy nature of a fry can make it a great combination with the gravy and bring all the flavors associated with Thanksgiving.

Adding some cheese to the fries can enhance the meal and bring additional flavors, especially if you're used to having cheesy mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Burger

Eating at a bar and grill often involves using your hands instead of traditional utensils. Ordering a turkey burger instead of traditional cut turkey can give you Thanksgiving traditions infused with great grill flavors.

Add some extra zing to your Turkey burger by having it topped with cheese, tomatoes, teriyaki sauce, and a delicious bun. The turkey burger can also be dipped in a side of gravy to give you the familiar Thanksgiving taste. If your appetite is not that big, you can order turkey sliders. These are small versions of the turkey burger and are great for enjoying while sitting at a bar and enjoying a football game.

Shepherd's Pie

It's hard to get served a number of side dishes at a single table. Get everything all-in-one by eating a Shepard's pie. There are a number of different recipes for these pies, but they often contain Thanksgiving signatures like potatoes, corn, and green beans.

Around Thanksgiving, a local grill may offer a seasonal twist on the Shepard's Pie. This includes a meal similar to a turkey pot pie. It's easy to enjoy everything in one plate or bowl without having to crowd the table for one.

Stuffed Dishes

A key part to a Thanksgiving is something that is stuffed. Whether it's the stuffing inside a turkey or another stuffed part of the meal, you can find a variety of stuffed side-dishes at your local grill. For example, stuffed mushrooms are a common menu item. The mushrooms are commonly stuffed with a combination of cheeses, breading, and various pieces of the mushroom.

If you're looking for something a little larger, consider ordering a stuffed pepper. A stuffed pepper has a lot of rich and hearty flavors that capture the spirit of a Thanksgiving meal. They pair well with meats like turkey and can combine with many of the other dishes.


Finish off your delicious meal for one by having a delicious dessert. The nice part about ordering a Thanksgiving dessert from a restaurant is that you can receive a single serving. Instead of cooking a whole pie or cake for yourself, you will get treated to just the right amount and do not have to spend hours cooking.

As you look for a dessert on the menu, there are two typical options that can capture the Thanksgiving mood. The first is a baked pie. Look for fresh slices of apple pie, pumpkin pie, or a chocolate pie. Another great dessert option is a slice of cheesecake. This includes a variety of flavors like cherry, raspberry, and chocolate.

Look for Thanksgiving specials that the bar offers on the holiday. Along with traditional menu items, you may be able to add extras like cranberry sauce or a fresh side of corn.